Cocoa Butter, Your Healthy Butter

Cocoa Butter, Your Healthy Butter

Some days you just crave something sweet. We get it. Cocoa Butter was created to satiate that sweet tooth without the sugar. Organic clarified butter (ghee) is whipped with spices like vanilla beans, cacao and cardamom to create a decadent treat that can be used as a spread, cooking oil, or nutritious recipe booster. Spices are used not only for their incredible flavor, but also for their health benefits. Turmeric contains powerhouse curcumin which is full of anti-inflammatory and immune boosting compounds. Fenugreek naturally ups enzyme production in the body, helping to improve immunity. Ghee is a natural source of essential omega fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K – it’s a healthy fat that’s good for your body.

Cocoa Butter can be used wherever you use butter or oil. The spice blend has a sweet flavor profile and can help bring out the flavors in everything you cook.

Top 20 Ways to Use Cocoa Butter

  1. Embrace the butter coffee movement; adding Cocoa Butter into coffee will cream it up and give you a satisfying mocha latte flavor without the caffeine jitters or sugar high.
  2. Delicious spread on toast, on its own or with nut butters or jam.
  3. Add into the pan before cooking pancakes, serve with fresh fruit and an extra dollop on top for the perfect family-friendly weekend breakfast.
  4. Spread on waffles; fresh or frozen, this combo is just so good.
  5. Swap into baking recipes (just replace the butter or oil for Cocoa Butter) for spiced up carrot cake, banana bread, or a better old-fashioned yellow.
  6. Stir Cocoa Butter into oatmeal; ghee and spices add deliciousness.
  7. Cocoa Butter and milk polenta (grits) is so creamy, we love a little Golden Honey just before serving too 😉
  8. Cook Cocoa Butter, coconut cream, and rice for a spiced up rice pudding that everyone from toddlers to grandmas love.
  9. Spread on banana slices as an after school snack.
  10. A healthier Bananas Foster! Slice bananas in half and cook in Cocoa Butter in a frypan on the stovetop.
  11. Carrots, boiled, steamed or roasted are all amped up by adding Cocoa Butter as your oil, to cook or finish with.
  12. Personal favorite here at Countertop is Cocoa Butter Granola, you can really lower the sugar per serving when you make your own breakfast.
  13. Add to any of your smoothie recipes.
  14. Cocoa Butter mashed into sweet potatoes is the new star side dish.
  15. Cocoa Butter used as the oil to sear liver (yes liver, so high in iron and Vitamin A) or any other red meat, for a flavor that could almost be called a mole.
  16. Cocoa Butter Kitcheri is the most delicious and nutritionally dense feel good breakfast you could ever eat.
  17. Baked apples with Cocoa Butter are appropriate for breakfast or dessert.
  18. Cocoa Butter Cod baked in the oven brings out the delicate flavors of the fish.
  19. Blended into warm matcha, Cocoa Butter makes the perfect green morning drink, for the non coffee drinker.
  20. Peeled and sliced apples, shallow fried in Cocoa Butter, are excellent on pancakes, yogurt and as a flavorful addition to any smoothie bowl 🙂


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