Golden Butter, Your New Cooking Oil

Golden Butter, Your New Cooking Oil

There’s a reason why Golden Butter is our most popular cooking product.  Because once you figure out your favorite ways to use this highly versatile and delicious cooking oil blended with healthy spices, you won’t remember your food before Golden Butter became a staple in your cooking routine.

So what exactly is Golden Butter?  

Golden Butter is whipped ghee boosted with turmeric, cumin, cardamom, and more spices that help reduce inflammation, aid digestion, and support gut health. Ghee is one of those “healthy fats” that you can use everyday and also delivers vitamins and omegas that your body needs.

On top of the extra benefits it will add right into your food, Golden Butter is delicious— so delicious even professional chefs use it. Yet it’s easy enough to use for someone who really only knows how to sauté a vegetable or make an egg.

If you want to increase and upgrade your vitamin, mineral, nutrient and good fats intake with little to no effort simply swap in our Golden Butter for regular butter or olive oil and know you’re doing yourself a flavor favor.

Here are the many ways we are currently using Golden Butter that have changed our weekly cooking game:


Golden Butter makes it easy to get delicious and quick homemade meals back into your weekly routine.



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