Ingredients 101: Ghee

Ingredients 101: Ghee

Ghee is the most nutritious and delicious butter/cooking oil, and we want to run down why we love using ghee for cooking, and why ghee, in regular, smaller quantities, can be so, so, so good for you.⁣NOTE to the lactose intolerant: Ghee tends to be SAFE for folks who are lactose intolerant because the milk solids are removed to create it.

Why We Love Ghee:

  • It doesn’t require refrigeration and it has a high smoke point. (The smoke point is where free radicals are released, something you don’t want, so ghee’s naturally high smoke point means less chance of releasing them.)⁣
  • It contains healthy fats which have been shown to enable weight loss—it’s great for the Keto Diet!
  • It contains medium chain triglycerides, which boost energy.⁣
  • It contains butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid, promotes healthy digestion, fights inflammation and boosts immunity.⁣
  • The ghee helps spices absorb during digestion, making their benefits more effective⁣.
  • The conjugated linoleic acid helps prevent cancer and diabetes.⁣
  • The omega-3 fatty acids lower bad cholesterol and boost heart health.⁣
  • If you’re pregnant, the Vitamin K2 helps in the formation of your baby’s gorgeous face and teeth.

Are we knocking other oils? No, not really. We love olive oil as a finishing or dipping oil. We love coconut oil in low temp situations. But we can’t find any other butter or oil that has even close the benefits of ghee. ⁣And when you’re cooking, you might as well make it the most delicious, healthful, beneficial food you can. (Making food at home helps you be successful in this.)

We have a couple of ghee-centric products if you want to check them out. The aforementioned Golden Butter and our famous Cocoa Butter as well. Golden Butter is your everyday cooking staple, and Cocoa Butter is it’s sweeter, softer sister.


Countertop is passionate about helping you cook with maximum health in minimum time. Our products re-imagine everyday staples like butter, sweetener, and seasonings into minimally processed, easy to use, outrageously delicious superfood blends that turn the foods you already love into foods your body will love you for. Read more about our Countertop story here.

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