Well-Fed Moms = Happy Babies

Nutrition Support for New Mothers:

Developed by birth and postpartum Doula, Ayurvedic Health Educator Nicole Rice

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Why Postpartum Nutrition?

New research says it takes closer to 12 months to recover from pregnancy and birth. Food and nutrition can play an important role in avoiding postpartum depletion and having a positive postpartum experience. In fact, new nursing mamas can take in up to 4,000 calories of healthy, easy to digest, and nutrient-dense food to recover their bodies and nurse their babies.

Enter The Countertop Postpartum Nutrition Kit that serves as a truly delicious, super-supportive roadmap designed to deliver maximum health with minimal effort.

Think of it as a postpartum doula in a box… here to support, nourish, guide, and care for mama as she recovers, rebuilds, replenishes and recalibrates. Every mother deserves the support they need. Our goal is to help provide it.


  • Herbs that Support Lactation.
  • Convenient, Easy to Prepare Meals.
  • Herbs & Spices that Have Been Used for Hundreds of Years to Support Postpartum Women.
  • Good, Nourishing, Healthy Fats.

How to Use It?

Get your 4k cal/day through a combination of easy-to-prepare, delicious, good carbs, protein, and healthy fats.

Golden Milk

Golden Milk

Fortifying any time of day thanks to its combination of high fats, vitamins, and minerals which help support balanced hormones and tastes great.

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Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs are one of our favorite ways to kick off the day. Boost your breakfast with a spoonful of Golden Butter to pack in healthy fats.

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This kitcheri recipe is our favorite, nourishing Ayurvedic postpartum superfood. It’s great for snacks, lunch, and dinner.

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Organic Ghee
Raw Honey
No Artificial
Ingredients or

The Golden Gift: New Mothers
Postpartum Nutrition

The Golden Gift contains honey, butter, and spices a new mama needs for a month of restoration, rebuilding, and cooking. Each product has been specially formulated and designed by Countertop Co-Founder, Birth, Postpartum Doula, and Ayurvedic Health Educator, Nicole Rice to support vital postpartum needs.


  • Golden Guide for New Moms: 16-page program roadmap complete with recipes, learning and our best Doula advice
  • Access to private Facebook support group
  • Free Shipping
  • Recipes designed for postpartum recovery

Featured Products

Mother Honey

Mother Honey

  • In warm teas, coffees, & lattes
  • On toast, crackers, in yogurts, oats, and chia seed puddings
  • By the spoonful
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Golden Butter

Golden Butter

  • On toast w/avocado
  • In soups, stews, kitcheri
  • Sauteed or roasted w/eggs, veggies, meats
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  • Ayurvedic postpartum superfood
  • For breakfast with Cocoa Butter & Chai
  • For snacks, lunch, dinner
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Heather L.

“Nicole’s cooking and care was exactly what I needed after my son was born and healing from my C-section. Being a first time mom I loved having Nicole’s healing and anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic foods in the house to help start on a nutritious path while having very little energy to think about anything. I still eat kitcheri, oatmeal and lots of turmeric as a part of my normal diet now with a 3 year old.”

Heather L.

Gail Simmons

“I can’t thank you enough. It’s all delicious and smart and makes me feel great.”

Gail Simmons,

Food expert, Top Chef Host and author of Bringing It Home: Favorite Recipes from a Life of Adventurous Eating