Recipe Roundup: Our Favorite Hot Beverage Recipes

Recipe Roundup: Our Favorite Hot Beverage Recipes

Take a minute and make yourself a warming, soothing hot beverage as a way to kick off your morning or relax at the end of the day. These are some of our favorite drink recipes, all boosted with honey, spices, and ghee to pack in some extra nutritional value. With these delicious blends filled with turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, and more, you can enjoy a delicious, warming drink with extra anti-inflammatory and digestion supporting benefits.


Golden Latte

Wake up with a cup of sunshine and say good morning to more energy and better digestion throughout the day. Our Honeys and Breakfast Seasonings can turn your favorite milk into delicious and nutritious turmeric golden milk or chai because our Golden Latte is a great way to combine turmeric and coffee or tea.


Chai Latte

If you’ve ever craved a coffee shop Chai Latte, but want to avoid all the sugar, making your own Chai Latte at home with our Chai spice blend is the perfect alternative. Our version has 30g less sugar than popular coffee shop Chai Lattes. Plus, you get more protein and no mystery ingredients. Add to black tea if you’re in need of caffeine or just mix with almond milk to get the flavors and benefits, but to avoid those caffeine jitters.


Happy Hot Cocoa

Usually when we drink a yummy hot cocoa we feel warm and happy and cozy inside… then we feel tired and grouchy.⁣

Our Boosted Happy Hot Cocoa will leave your blood sugar stable and your sweet tooth satiated, all while giving you a dose of mood-boosting, nutrient-dense, nutritious, antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, long-lasting energy. Instead of packing the cocoa with sugar and non-nutritive ingredients, ours is full of adaptogens and healthful spices like rhodiola, tulsi, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and cardamom, plus super healthy fats like cocoa and ghee.⁣


Cocoa Butter Coffee

Our take on the Butter Coffee, Cocoa Butter and Coffee is like a superfood mocha. Remove the coffee for a kid-friendly version!  For extra benefits add Chai or Golden Breakfast, and for sweetness stir in some Golden Honey.


Sesame Golden Milk

Thanks to its high fats, calcium, magnesium and copper, sesame is a super seed. Its combination of vitamins and minerals helps balance hormones and lift the spirit. Fortifying any time of day, it’s especially soothing before bed.


So Golden Hot Toddy

Say hello to your new favorite fireside cocktail. Oh honey, this functional hot toddy blends raw honey, coconut oil, lemon, turmeric spice blend, and bourbon for a spiced and additional sugar-free version of the ultimate winter warmer.


Click down below for everything you need to make these delicious, good for you drinks.



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