Recipe Roundup: Our Favorite No Cook Recipes

Recipe Roundup: Our Favorite No Cook Recipes

Sometimes you just don’t want to cook anything, we get it. We love a good no cook recipe here at Countertop, and we have some that will satisfy your taste buds, and not take any or your precious day away. With the added oomph of turmeric and it’s wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits, these recipes will help your day get even better. There are so many ways to up your cooking game, and some of the best (end easiest) ways to do that are with these healthy hacks and easy recipes.

Here are our Top 10 No Cook Recipes. Delicious, time sensitive, and oh so good for you…


Chai Watermelon + Mint Salad

We love the famous Mexican fruit salad sold by vendors all over Los Angeles in summer. In our version, the combination of turmeric, ginger and cardamom with golden honey gives that mix of sweet, spice and citrus that is not only refreshing but turns this ordinary summer staple, extraordinarily digestion revving, anti-inflammatory and delicious. You can easily turn it into a full fruit salad by adding your favorites, or blend it up for an impressively thirst-quenching juice or cocktail.


Functional Lemon-Limeade

A tasty homemade thirst-quencher for boosting hydration post-workout (or post-night out). Or, hydrate while you intoxicate, and add your favorite vodka or tequila.


Golden (Fill in the Blank) Toast

Any of your favorite bread, be it gluten free or gluten full. Let us know your favorite!!


Chai Green Juice

If you’re into health, you’re into green juice. Our version is deliciously hydrating and features our popular, nutritionist-approved Chai Blends with Benefits breakfast seasoning.  Chai is filled with spices that both warm up your digestive system, soothe the gut,  and add great flavor. This juice will help mellow out respiratory ailments, like colds and flu, and soothe sluggish, unhappy guts.


Functional Smoothie

Give your fruit smoothie a golden boost with Cocoa Butter and Chai Blends with Benefits. So easy, so filling, so good for you!


Golden Overnight Oats

No cooking required, this easy, energizing breakfast can be made in advance and keeps well for days in the fridge.


Countertop Lassi

The original probiotic drink, Lassi’s are one of the most common drinks in India and fast becoming a staple over here at Countertop. Co-Founder Nicole Rice even likes to make it with Poultry Blends with Benefits as she loves cumin as much as she loves cardamom!


Sesame Golden Milk

Thanks to its high fats, calcium, magnesium and copper, sesame is a super seed. Its combination of vitamins and minerals helps balance hormones and lift the spirit. Fortifying any time of day, it’s especially soothing before bed.


Feel Good About Cocktails

Countertop is all about flavor and health boosting everything you love, so why not a refreshing, anti inflammatory, digestif? Make it booze-free or add a splash of tequila.


Golden Latte

Wake up with a cup of sunshine and say good morning to more energy and better digestion throughout the day. Our Honeys and Breakfast Seasonings can turn your favorite milk into delicious and nutritious turmeric golden milk or chai because our Golden Latte is a great way to combine turmeric and coffee or tea.


Click down below for everything you need to make these easy, no cook recipes.



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