on their countertop


“The Golden Butter has become a new staple for me, primarily because of its versatility. I scrambled my eggs in it in the morning, and it added a warming, grounding element that was incredibly nourishing.”

ELLE Magazine

“Activated eating just got easier – and more delicious – with Countertop.”


“This super healthy butter will change your kitchen game. Countertop products are your one-stop flavorings that add great health value.”

The Thinking Cap from CAP Beauty

“We’re a little bit in love with Countertop Foods. And why wouldn’t we be? Our grocery crush of the moment infuses pantry staples like butter and honey with functional herbs to help us infuse higher health into our meals, snacks and tonics. Ease is the name of the game. Vitality is the mission.”


“Aptly named, since you’ll use both so much they’ll never leave your countertop.”

Well and Good

“These are the women changing the food industry (for the healthier) right now.”

The Chalkboard a guide to living well

“Countertop is helping families everywhere regain their connection to traditional foods like honey, ghee, and Ayurvedic spices in their everyday lives.”


“The 10 Biggest Food Trends Of The Year (So Far)”…Functional cooking: A term that I first heard from Jamie Kantrowitz, the co-founder of Countertop—functional cooking is the act of adding health-enhancing ingredients to your recipes.”

Jenni Kayne

“Just when we think all areas of the wellness industry have been tapped to be disrupted, a brand like Countertop comes along.”


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