I Love Coffee, I Love Tea

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Beverages with Benefits. Cocoa butter with coffee, Golden Honey with tea. That is just the beginning of these products’ versatility.  Ideal for smoothies, sweet fixes, breakfast, baking hacks, and kid-friendly snacks (read: everything), it’s shocking how many health benefits, and how much delicious flavor, these two products add to your daily ritual.

Cocoa Butter Benefits: Mood Boosting, Mineral Rich, Digestion Boosting

CLARIFIED BUTTER: rich in omegas and vitamins A, D, E + K

CACAO: mood-boosting, antioxidant, boosts metabolism

CARDAMOM: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, +  gut soothing

FENUGREEK: anti-bacterial, balances blood sugar + antiviral


Golden Honey Benefits: Energy Boosting,  Anti-Inflammatory, Immunity 

HONEY: a live and natural sugar alternative + probiotic + antibacterial

TURMERIC: anti-inflammatory + immune-boosting

CARDAMOM: gut soothing benefits

CINNAMON: anti-bacterial + balances blood sugar

This product is heat sensitive, read more about summer shipping here.


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