Recipe Roundup: Our 5 Favorite Plant-Based Recipes

Recipe Roundup: Our 5 Favorite Plant-Based Recipes

We like to take as much pressure off fragile systems and eat vegetarian and plant-based at least three times a week. Here are some of our yummiest and favorite vegetarian dishes – snacks, meals, and side plates that are filling, delicious, and crowd pleasers. Feel great eating them and know you are taking care of our mother earth.


Our Favorite Kitcheri

Asparagus, English Pea and Chicken Bone Broth. This Kitcheri is our favorite — so great to make in the spring as asparagus and english peas are in season. Though we crave it all year long.


Golden Hassleback Potatoes

A twist on this American Classic by adding festive flavor from Golden Butter and Poultry like turmeric, cumin, sage, thyme and garlic. Our Poultry Blend with Benefits is the secret weapon to a side dish that always impresses and now is boosted with flavor.


Functional Rice Pudding

We’ve turned an American classic dessert into a nutrient-dense, functional superfood snack for anytime of day. Dessert for breakfast!


Golden Rice

Basics don’t have to be blah. Even just a dollop of Golden Butter added to everyday grains is a game changer.


Golden Nuts

This delicious nut mix from our friend @ariella_ish is boosted with Chai, and is sure to satisfy your snack craving.



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