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Big Plates, Kids, Parties, Snacks

We love the famous Mexican fruit salad sold by vendors all over Los Angeles in summer.  In our version,  the combination...

low sugar granola with chai
Kids, New Moms, Small Plates, Snacks

Nicole's latest obsession will be yours too- homemade, functional granola. First came the invention of the Cocoa Butter and now...

Easy to make Kitchari Bowl with Golden Butter
Big Plates, New Moms, One Pots

Our go-to Countertop Bowl is easy to make, easy to digest, and can feed a crowd for less than $5....

Easy lentil soup with turmeric
Hacks, Kids, New Moms, One Pots

Lentils - so high in protein and fiber. Made with Countertop, lentil soup is so good and anti-inflammatory, making it...

Cast iron skillet with chicken
Big Plates, Kids, New Moms, One Pots

We could eat this quick and delicious chicken every night of the week. It's taste is restaurant quality, but more...

roasted veggies with golden butter
Hacks, Kids, New Moms, Parties

Whatever the season, there’s no easier, healthier, and more beautiful dish than roasted veggies – especially when they are Golden....

cornbread with golden butter and chai
Hacks, Parties, Snacks

Give boxed cornbread mix the Golden touch and some health kick for instant amazingness....

Turmeric and honey golden latte
Drinks, New Moms

Wake up with a cup of sunshine and say good morning to more energy and better digestion throughout the day....

How to make golden rice - overhead shot of three bowls of golden turmeric rice
Hacks, Kids, Small Plates

Basics don’t have to be blah. Even just a dollop of Golden Butter added to everyday grains is a game changer....

overnight oats with turmeric honey
Kids, New Moms, Small Plates

No cooking required, this easy, energizing breakfast can be made in advance and keeps well for days in the fridge....

golden milk with golden honey or mother honey
Drinks, Kids, New Moms

A health elixir disguised as a delicious treat made in under a minute? Yes, please....

rice pudding with golden honey and chai
Kids, New Moms, Parties, Snacks

We’ve turned an American classic dessert into a nutrient-dense, functional superfood snack for anytime of day....

popcorn hack with turmeric butter
Hacks, Snacks

A​ ​movie​ ​night​ ​staple​ ​gets​ ​a​ ​reboot​ ​with nourishing​ ​spices​ ​and​ ​healthy​ ​fats....

functional lemonade with turmeric honey and ginger
Drinks, Parties

A tasty homemade thirst-quencher for boosting hydration post-workout (or post-night out)....


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