Seasonal Eating: Spinach

Seasonal Eating: Spinach

Spinach is so versatile. You probably know this. This mild-flavored, tender, leafy green can be used in literally any meal of the day and in so. many. ways.

The basics you probably know already – greens are good for you, low calorie, good source of fiber, and super nutritious. But if we deep dive into the many benefits of spinach there’s so much more. Leafy greens like spinach are hydrating. At the same time, in Ayurvedic tradition, they are also drying and heating, which is perfect in spring to get rid of excess water our bodies retain in the winter. Plus, spinach is in the same plant family as some of our favorites – chard, beets, and quinoa!

Spinach can support:⁣

  • Energy⁣
  • Bone health⁣
  • Eye health⁣
  • Infection prevention⁣
  • Rebuilding of healthy tissue⁣
  • Heart health⁣
  • More youthful, nourished skin⁣
  • Balanced blood-sugar → weight loss⁣

People often perceive kale as the crazy-nutritious leafy green, but spinach has a LONG list of nutritionally-important components:⁣

  • Vitamin K⁣
  • Vitamin A⁣
  • Vitamin C⁣
  • Folic acid⁣
  • Manganese⁣
  • Magnesium⁣
  • Iron⁣
  • Vitamin B2⁣
  • Dietary fiber⁣
  • Phosphorus⁣
  • Zinc⁣
  • Protein⁣
  • Choline⁣
  • Omega-3 fatty acids⁣
  • Niacin⁣
  • Pantothenic acid⁣
  • Selenium⁣

From morning scramble to mid-morning smoothie to lunch salad to afternoon spinach bites to dinnertime tacos to desserts with spinach hidden in them… spinach is your versatile, eat-with-anything, leafy green.⁣

Check out our recipes for lots of ways to incorporate this delicious and benefit packed green into your cooking routine.


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