The Countertop 4K: Your 4,000 Calorie Postpartum Diet

The Countertop 4K: Your 4,000 Calorie Postpartum Diet

Recent research reveals that it takes 12 months to recover from having a baby – much longer than the 6-8 weeks we are accustomed to hearing. We often overlook our own recovery to focus on the new life in the house. Before you notice, you are exhausted, dehydrated and more than you like emotional.

Although it doesn’t always feel like it, the days go by fast as a new mom and before you know it, you may find yourself forgetting full meals entirely, and stealing snacks between feedings. But postnatal depletion can contribute to poor milk supply, exhaustion, and some serious baby blues. A combination of good carbs, protein, and healthy fat is what you need to put your body on the fast track to recovery and good milk supply.

When Nicole studied Ayurveda and her teacher told her that breastfeeding women need 4000 calories a day to sustain a good breastmilk supply it was the game changer when working with postpartum moms. Motherhood is a marathon, so make sure you are getting the calories you need to feed yourself and your beautiful baby.

Think 4K sounds crazy? Impossible, even? With these tips, it’s easier, healthier, and more energizing than you think.

  • For a cozy morning bowl or anytime (like anytime — it’s the perfect for that 2am feed) snack, try oatmeal with nut butters, seeds and dried fruit or rice pudding made with coconut cream. And a tablespoon of Mother Honey.
  • Coconut Milk Rice Pudding was a client favorite, what feels like sweets is really a protein packed, high fat nourishing wonderfood that the whole family loves.
  • For your teas and lattes and oatmeals, choose full cream yogurt and whole milk for calcium and fat.
  • Keep soups, stews, and bone broths going in the slow cooker for quick, nutritious dishes that are easy to digest and always on hand.
  • Add coconut to everything. Coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut yogurt, coconut water.  The high amount of lauric acid make it breast milk’s best friend and it is why we included Coconut Oil in Mother Honey.
  • Reach for an avocado for a high-fiber, Omega-rich, nutrient-dense miracle meal. Put it on toast with Golden Butter, on Kitcheri, or just cut it in half and eat it up.
  • Treat yourself to good quality dark chocolate (worth it for the endorphins alone). A couple of pieces of chocolate with a Golden Latte is a great early evening respite.
  • Make everything you eat anti-inflammatory by adding Countertop butters, honeys and blends to your food and drinks.


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