Tips & Tricks For Babies and New Moms

Tips & Tricks For Babies and New Moms

From Birth and Postpartum Doula and Countertop Co-Founder, Nicole Rice, here are the Top 8 Tips and Tricks for supporting a postpartum mom and a newborn baby.

Be a Wrap-Star

It’s a big world. Swaddling offers comfort and a reminder of how cozy life was on the inside. Use this as a mantra: feed, burp, change, swaddle, nap.  Put it on repeat, because you do this at least 8-12 times every day those first months.

Burp, burp and burp again

Gas is the worst. When baby seems inconsolable and you know they are fed, changed, trying again for a burp. Sometimes air comes up quickly, other times it will be 40 minutes after the bub has eaten. And if the air has passed into the large intestine, bring babies knees above their belly button and do some soft bouncing, if you don’t get a burp you might get a fart.

Calm is Contagious

On the days where it feels tough, remind yourself to take three deep breaths before breast feeding. Connect your heart to your babies (metaphorically), spend some time outside with the trees. Calm really is contagious and the little ones can be sensitive to stress. Singing is a great way to get out of your head and back into the heart, singing to your baby when you change a diaper can calm both of you down.

Everybody Loves Sleep  

9 times out of 10, the reason for all the fuss is exhaustion. That’s as true for babies as it is for moms and dads. Try and rest when baby does, and if you have a baby that doesn’t sleep, they need help learning to bring it all down, so get cosy, snuggle up in a quiet space, with no electronics and just zone into each others zen place.

Have Snacks on Standby

Low-blood sugar can lead to a bad mood and a short fuse. Keep snacks and hydration handy. A bowl of nuts and a banana next to the bed, a block of chocolate next to the pump. Snacks in the diaper bag when going out.

The Crock Pot is your New Best Friend

Such a great way to meal prep and have food on hand, without having to heat up — so perfect for oatmeal, soups, kitcheri and bone broth.

Add Fat. To Everything.

Eat that avocado, add that Cocoa Butter to your Golden Latte, cook with Golden Butter, add that coconut oil in where ever you want it.  Fats are a great way to add extra calories and your beautiful lactating body loves fat to make more milk.  

Drink, Drink, Drink

Keeping the waters of the body hydrated helps with everything from blood pressure to sleeping well. Keeping everything flowing; your mind, your digestion, and your milk is reliant upon god hydration levels. Water, coconut water, teas, lattes, and even a dark beer in the late afternoon can all help your milk supply.


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