What’s On Your Countertop: Carly de Castro, Pressed Juicery

What’s On Your Countertop: Carly de Castro, Pressed Juicery

Our favorite food and wellness inspirationals share their kitchen essentials, cooking traditions and Countertop staples.

Today we launch “What’s on Your Countertop”  —features of our favorite food and wellness inspirationals sharing their kitchen essentials, cooking traditions and Countertop staples.

We thought that our friend (and early taste tester), Pressed Juicery’s co-founder, Carly de Castro, was the perfect pick to kick this feature off, due to her creative kitchen vibe and her shared love of our favorite weeknight staple, Kitcheri. She has paved the way for Los Angeles’s huge juice industry, so of course she’s ahead of it in her kitchen game too.

In merely eight years, Pressed has opened twenty west coast storefronts and has a booming cleanse delivery service, to boot. We adore Pressed – another Cali based brand– for their anti-oxidant spiked Greens 1.5 as well as their hydrating Rose Lemonade. No matter the menu preference, that beautifully earthy “roots” logo is  simply hard for us to avoid.

  1. Your idea of a hearty, delicious breakfast is?

    Baked oatmeal with berries and walnuts, topped with a drizzle of Golden Honey!

    1. What about something that’s easy to whip up that you can take on-the-go?

    Avocado mashed on an Ezekiel english muffin, topped with a turmeric fried egg.

    1. An ideal midday meal would be:

    A bowl of roasted veggies, lettuces, sautéed greens and either some beans or a piece of salmon with a homemade dressing.

    1. What’s your favorite cuisine?

    Indian & Italian

    1. Fill in the blanks:

             You’re home by the fire, cozying up with your favorite book which is usually a poetry anthology.

             What are you having for dinner? Kitcheri (for sure).

    1. What’s your favorite kitchen discovery?

    Right now I’m into these containers by Mepal. They are beautiful and come in lovely colors. I use them to store food instead of rubbermaid containers. I just feel like it makes the act of heating up leftovers feel more special.

    1. Do you have a favorite comfort food?

    Anything I can make in one pot. I love making minestrone, smothered cabbage with broth and rice, kitcheri, and chili.

    1. The yummiest thing you ever ate in your life was:

    Fresh anchovies and the pasta of the day at Da Adolfo in Italy. Also, my entire meal at Cal Pep in Barcelona.

    1. What is the cooking tool or device that you can’t live without?

    Food processor

    1. Favorite cookbook or food blog?

     I can’t choose one cookbook, but anything by David Tanis, Marcella Hazan, and Heidi SwansonI love Pamela Salzman’s blog and use it almost every day! I also love The Minimalist Baker for vegan recipes.

    1. What Countertop product do you use the most and how do you use it?

    Golden Butter is my jam. I use it every day. Anything savory that I’m cooking, roasted veggies, sautéing the base of a soup, I use Golden Butter in place of my regular olive oil or ghee. It is divine on fried eggs- I can never have a normal egg again. 

    12. What’s your favorite thing to feed your loved ones?

    My children all have different things they love to eat, so most nights my husband and I are like short-order cooks in the kitchen. My favorite times are when we can make something everyone loves– I would say that is Cacio e Pepe, or Pamela Salzman’s quinoa with feta and herbs. Both are recipes that work for everyone, which always makes me happy!

    13. It’s nighttime! Any bedtime ritual?

    Most nights after I put the kids to bed, I take a hot shower or bath and do a face mask. I am really into light therapy, so I lay under LED lights for 20 minutes, or I lay down on my infrared mat which helps me de-stress after a long day. Then I have a square of dark chocolate and read…usually I don’t get very far until I’m passed out!

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