What’s On Your Countertop: Elissa Goodman, Holistic Nutritionist + Cancer Survivor

What’s On Your Countertop: Elissa Goodman, Holistic Nutritionist + Cancer Survivor

Our favorite food and wellness inspirationals share their kitchen essentials, cooking traditions and Countertop staples.

“What’s on Your Countertop” features some of our favorite food and wellness inspirationals sharing their kitchen essentials, cooking traditions and Countertop staples.

If you live in Los Angeles and have looked for delicious, holistic solutions to nutrition or using food to heal from illness, you’ve come across Elissa Goodman.  Her famous S.O.U.P. Cleanse program redefines what it means to cleanse or rebuild, and her approach serves up whole, nutrient dense foods with a healthy balance of fats, proteins, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. That’s our kind of reset.

We agree that you can eat delicious everyday food that benefits your body and your digestion to rebuild the immune system, boost energy and focus, lose weight and metabolic reset, kick-start and maintain a healthy lifestyle curb cravings for sugars and carbs, improve your digestion and gut health or just get your glow back! Elissa lives by this too.

We were so happy to hear the Elissa had become a fan of our Countertop Golden Butter and were very interested to pull back the curtain on the cooking staples that currently occupy her daily rituals. We were not disappointed!


What is actually on your countertop? (Take a pic, list it out!).

Organic Spanish Olive Oil, Countertop Golden Butter, Primal Kitchen Extra Virgin Organic Avocado OilSpectrum Organic Coconut OilHerbamare, Maldon Sea SaltSesame Oil, Imported Balsamic Vinegar, Bragg’s Apple Cider VinegarFourth and Heart GheePepper grinder, Locally made hot sauce, and Bragg’s Nutritional Yeast


Your idea of a hearty, delicious breakfast is?

I’m not a breakfast person -I just don’t wake up with an appetite for much, but I do love a really good cup of coffee and a green juice or my matcha smoothie (I use ceremonial matcha, PlantFusion Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder, MCT oil, flax seeds, Ripple milk, and frozen spinach or cauliflower rice added to it).


What about something that’s easy to whip up that you can take on-the-go?

I have it pretty good because I can grab and go with soups from my SOUP Cleanse delivery program. I always keep a couple jars of soup in my office freezer and at home. Heat them up and drink right out of a thermos on the go.


An ideal midday meal would be:

When I’m at the office, my midday meal is typically the house salad from Real Food Daily (chickpeas, kale, and sweet potatoes) or sometimes the Lazy Sushi Bowl from M Café (salmon only) or leftover salad jars or soups from my SOUP cleanse.


Who has influenced and inspired your cooking and/or health approach?

I was initially inspired by Kris Carr’s easy cleansing recipes for smoothies and juices. I love checking out recipes from GOOP because I find they’re consistently delicious. When I need vegan inspiration Simple Veganista is a go-to for me. I also draw inspiration from my friend Pamela Salzman, she puts weekly menu plans on her website that makes meal planning so much easier (and her recipes always turn out really good!).


Fill in the blanks: You’re home by the fire, cozying up with your favorite ____ which is _____.What are you having for dinner?

Favorite cocktail which is chilled tequila with a squeeze of lime. I’m having a tempeh taco bowl for dinner with pickled red cabbage, slow cooked black beans, homemade pico de gallo, and avocado crema.


What’s your favorite kitchen discovery?

The first time I made a dessert with beans was pretty fun! Pamela Salzman has a recipe in her book for White Bean Blondies and I was blown away with how good they are. Aqua faba is also another great discovery – making meringue from bean water?? Very cool!


Fill in the blank: You would never ever give up____.  

Tequila! Does that count? I could never say never to homemade pasta, especially when traveling.


Do you have a favorite comfort food?

Mac-n-cheese. I’m still looking for that perfect vegan version, but I’ll never stop trying 😉


The yummiest thing you ever ate in your life was:

This is going to sound crazy, because I would never eat this now but I used to love this liver and onions dish from an Italian restaurant in LA and the bone marrow from Mozza.  I laugh to think I used to love these so much, but the flavor for me was amazing and I have to admit, I still think of them!


What is the cooking tool or device that you can’t live without?

My juicer….It’s not a cooking tool, but in addition to my blender it’s the most used device in my kitchen – the juicer gets action daily!


Favorite cookbook or food blog?

Pamela Salzman, It’s All Easy & It’s All Good, Will Cole’s new book Ketotarian has great recipes. For blogs I love recipes from Clean Plates, Food52, Simple Veganista, Love and Lemons, Candice Kumai


What Countertop product do you use the most and how do you use it?

The Countertop Golden Butter is amazing! You can use it to make the best golden rice or brush over vegetables (roasted or grilled brushed with golden butter is soooo good!). I also use it in the base of my curries and of course in the absolutely delicious Countertop Kitcheri Bowl. It’s very versatile and adds a little something extra to anything you make.


What other products are you obsessing over these days?

Kite Hill Vegan Cheese they have some great options. Miyoko’s vegan mozzarella is really great. Nutiva MCT oil, Omica Stevia, Healing Movement Coconut Kefir, Elemental Superseed Bars, Dave’s Korean pickled veggies and ginger, Fabanaise, Seedlander Crackers


Do you have any kind of culinary tradition or ritual?

We still sit down and eat dinner as a family in my household. The phones are on silent, the television is off, candles are lit, the table is set and we use the time to connect. It’s very important that we take the time over a nourishing meal to communicate and reconnect – I look forward to dinner every day!


What’s your favorite thing to feed your loved ones? Serve at a dinner party? OR….

If I can get them to enjoy a plant-based meals it’s a win. They love vegan hearts of palm crab cakes and classics like stuffed bell peppers, ratatouille, or lamb stuffed cabbage rolls. At a dinner party, I like to serve a vegan cheese board with a variety of veggies and creative salad options and it’s fun to make socca (chickpea)) flour pizzas with vegan options like Kite Hill cheese.


I’m not a home chef but I can still pull this together:

I can whip up a Chinese stir fry in fifteen minutes flat and when my girls where in school it was a popular weeknight dinner.


It’s nighttime! Any bedtime ritual?

I’ve been practicing this ritual that’s in Dr. Sadeghi’s book where you write down everything that’s on your mind on a piece of paper before bed and burn it. I swear this helps my mind from running nonstop so I can get some sleep.



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