What’s On Your Countertop: Pamela Salzman, Holistic Health Counselor + Cooking Instructor

What’s On Your Countertop: Pamela Salzman, Holistic Health Counselor + Cooking Instructor

“What’s On Your Countertop” features some of our favorite food and wellness inspirations sharing their kitchen essentials, cooking traditions and Countertop staples.

This week we teamed up with Pamela Salzman, holistic health counselor and cooking instructor, to cook a simple and delicious dinner with benefits. Pamela’s goal is to get people back in the kitchen and focused on cooking real food, making it a part of your life by nourishing our families, ourselves, and enjoying balance and health in our lives.

Pamela’s cookbook, Kitchen Matters, is filled with recipes where “healthy meets delicious” which is something we are definitely on board with. Her recipes are customizable for a range of diets, and rely on plant-forward ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and nutrient-dense. While cooking a delicious and simple dinner together, we got the scoop on what Pamela is cooking with and some of her daily routines.


What is actually on your countertop? (Take a pic, list it out!). If you’re a neat freak, think, “what are the key things I reach for in my kitchen on a daily basis.

Good olive oil, Maldon flaky sea salt, lemons, Countertop Golden Butter.


Your idea of a hearty, delicious breakfast is?

Warm porridge, either sweet or savory, but with lots of texture and good fats. Either sautéed kale, mushrooms and walnuts or sweet with sautéed apple, bee pollen and almond butter. A base of oats, oats and buckwheat or quinoa and millet.


What about something that’s easy to whip up that you can take on-the-go?

I don’t do that many smoothies, but that or a toast if I’m driving to work in my car. Avocado + flaky salt + hot sauce or almond butter + sautéed banana + flaky salt.


Who has influenced and inspired your cooking and/or health approach?

Alice Waters, who is really a slow food pioneer, since I was a teenager. My parents, especially my dad who grew up on a farm in Italy and taught me to garden and compost and not to eat non-organic food.


Fill in the blanks: you’re home by the fire, cozying up with your favorite____which is____. What are you having for dinner?

Drink which is a good turmeric latte. For dinner I like stews, veggie especially, and something with spices. Italian, Thai, Moroccan food. I love Middle Eastern food, it’s my favorite.


Fill in the blank: You would never ever give up____.

Dark chocolate.


What is the cooking tool or device that you can’t live without?

Sharp knives.


What’s your go-to Countertop product and how do you use it?

Golden Butter just because it’s so versatile and it saves a step from having to add spices.


What’s your favorite thing to feed your loved ones? Serve at a dinner party? OR….

I love feeding my family soup. It’s nourishing, healthy, they all love it and I can pack a lot of nutrition in one meal.


It’s nighttime! Any bedtime ritual?

10 minutes of meditation. Then I take off all my makeup, have a bath (I’m on my feet all day it’s so very necessary). I read for a bit and aim to turn the lights out at 10:00 pm.

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